Prairie Seeding and Maintenance

In 1999, the City of Geneva received $250,000 in Kane County Riverboat Grant Program funds, which were used for an initial 74-acre seeding of wet mesic prairie and mesic prairie seed.

In 2006, Geneva received $70,000 in Grand Victoria Foundation grant funds for an 18-acre prairie seeding project. Ultimately, an additional 25 acres were seeded by Applied Ecological Services, Inc (AES) in 2007.

Once the planted prairie is established it becomes necessary to perform stewardship activities to maintain the prairie.

The stewardship activities that have been conducted at the site since 2004 include selective mowing, herbicide application, brush clearing, seed collection, infill seed dispersion and prairie burns.

These services are conducted to promote healthy growth of prairie plants and to eliminate invasive plant species. Controlled or prescribed prairie burns have been conducted in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2010.