2001-Present: Prairie Green Preserve

In 2002, the City hired Christopher B. Burke Engineering West, Ltd. of St. Charles to facilitate the transition of the Prairie Green project site from agricultural use to high quality open space use incorporating wetland restoration, prairie restoration, stormwater management facilities and passive recreation amenities.

The engineering work included studying and mapping the existing hydrology, soils, drain tiles, and topography. The purpose of this work was to determine the feasibility of creating a wetland bank, as well as to prepare two alternative conceptual site plans for public review and discussion.

In 2004, the Prairie Green Preserve Steering Committee was formed. The purpose of the committee was to review the alternative conceptual site plans, gather public input, formulate a final site plan, set priorities for phasing of site improvements, formulation of a funding strategy, and to review grant applications.

In 2005, a public workshop was held. A presentation on background studies and planning was given. Citizens were given an opportunity to give the Steering Committee feedback on the two concept plans prepared.

Both plans had a similar base plan of roughly 75 acres of wetlands in the central portion of the site and approximately 15 acres of open water south of the wetland area. One plan included more intensive site improvements and amenities than the other.

In response to public comments a revised concept plan was created. The revised concept plan combined elements from both plans, but reflected a low intensity level of site improvements. A second public workshop was held in 2005 to report on public comments received from the draft concept plan and present the revised site plan.

The Steering Committee passed a motion unanimously recommending approval of the revised site plan. In 2005, the Geneva City Council passed a resolution approving the concept plan for Prairie Green Preserve.