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Downtown Business District FAQs

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1. What does the City do to help steer the course of downtown?
2. What Is a Business District?
3. The City does a lot of work downtown including snow plowing and landscaping. How does the City fund special services downtown?
4. Why do we need a Business District if we have Special Service Area #1 to provide special services to the downtown?
5. Why don’t we just do a Tax Increment Finance District?
6. How can a new Business District help keep downtown Geneva healthy?
7. What is the public process for establishing a Business District
8. What is the criteria for establishing a Business District?
9. What area is under consideration as a new Business District?
10. Why does the City feel that the Business District is the better approach to address those needs than a TIF or SSA?
11. Will the City entertain suggestions from the public?
12. When will the City decide whether or not to include a sales tax levy as part of the Business District plan? What limits exist on authority to levy such a tax?
13. What would be the duration of the Business District, if it were to be established?
14. What other communities have adopted the Business District approach to redevelopment? How has it turned out in those communities?