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Special Event Applications
What is a Special Event?
Special Event means any transient amusement enterprise, outdoor temporary gathering, and any similar event that is to occur on City-owned or controlled property and/or requires support of City staff, financial or other resources, including but not limited to a fundraiser, theatrical exhibition, musical performance, public show, entertainment, amusement or other exhibition. 

Permission to Hold a Special Event
If you will be holding an event (race/walk/etc.) that will utilize public streets and sidewalks, or other public right of ways, you must complete and submit a Special Events Application. Approval may be granted by Geneva City Council at least six weeks prior to your event date or by the Administrative staff. Events of high impact must receive City Council approval, smaller events may be approved administratively.

Recently Approved Events

A list of recently approved Special Events can be found here

Before Planning Your Event

Step 1: Read our Special Event Policy
Please take time and read our Special Event Policy.

Step 2: Event Category and Application
Next, select the category below that bests describes your event and submit the associated application.


Special Event Application
Large events and festivals require approval from City Council. It is recommended applications are submitted at least 60 days prior to the desired event date. Application.

Administrative Approval Application
There are some instances where a permit may be issued administratively. Low impact events include: sidewalk sales, use of parking spaces, and requests via tag, or “candy days” on the corner, Walk/Runs on pre-approved routes, and events held on private property. Application.

Parade, March, Assemblage, or Gathering Application (PMAG)
The City of Geneva requires a permit for any parade, march, assemblage or gathering (PMAG), other than a funeral procession which occurs on any public street, alley or other public way. Application. 

Fox River Bike Trail
All events held on any portion of the Fox River Bike Trail must have approval from Jim Eby, Batavia Park District, 630-389-2011. 

Block Parties
Block parties are exempt from filing an event application.

Car Washes
Fundraising car washes are exempt from filing an event application but organizers should contact the Geneva Police Department for approval, and the Geneva Water Division for low-suds soap.