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Alarm Permit
Police Alarm Systems Ordinance
The Police Alarm System ordinance became effective in 1996. The following is a synopsis of the more relevant aspects of the ordinance. To apply, complete the Alarm Permit Application.

19-31, 32 Sets forth the purpose and intent and provides all relevant definitions of word and phrases used
19-33, 34 Establishes that a permit is required for all police alarms
  • There is no fee for the permit
  • Permits are valid indefinitely unless revoked
  • Creates the application form and specifies the information required on the application
  • Requires three persons who can be contacted in an emergency or to reset an activated alarm
19-35 Establishes a $300 fine for each alarm activation at a premise that does not have a valid permit
19-36 Requires the alarm user to update permit information within 14 days of the required information becoming outdated or inaccurate
19-37 Prohibits the transfer of the alarm permit
19-38 Regulates the use of audible outside alarms and requires automatic reset after 10 minutes of any audible outside alarm
19-39 Prohibits automatic dialers connected directly to 911 lines
19-40 Prohibits knowingly activating a false alarm
19-41 Establishes a fine structure for more than two false alarms during a calendar year as follows:
  • Third false alarm $25 fine
  • Fourth-Fifth false alarm $50 fine per false alarm
  • Sixth-Ninth false alarm $100 fine per false alarm
  • 10th and subsequent false alarms $300 fine per false alarm
19-42 Provides for revocation of permit after ten false alarms, provides for revocation of permit for non-payment of fines, establishes a $300 fine for each false alarm after revocation of permit, provides for appeal process and criteria for reinstatement of permit
19-43 Requires prior notice when testing alarm equipment
19-44, 45 Liability and sever ability clauses
19-46 Sets forth penalties for violations of provisions of the ordinance not having a fine structure already attached