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Prairie Green Preserve

Prairie Green Preserve is a 580 acre publically-owned prairie/wetland restoration and passive recreation site in Geneva. It is located west of Peck Road, north of Keslinger Road, and south of Illinois Route 38. Prairie Green Preserve currently consists of 100 acres of planted prairie, 80 acres of wetlands and associated buffers and drainage courses, 1.25 miles of hiking and biking trails (a total of 4 miles are planned), and over 300 acres of agricultural land in active farming use.

In addition, planned site improvements for Prairie Green Preserve include: additional prairies, wetlands, trails, ponds, wildlife viewing stations, Community Garden Plots, and two small trailhead parking areas. These planned site improvements will replace the 300 acres currently in agricultural use.

The objectives of Prairie Green Preserve are to:

  • Establish a large publicly owned open space that defines the west edge of the City;
  • Restore the pre-settlement native vegetation on the site, including native prairie plants and wetlands;
  • Create opportunities for passive recreation activities such as hiking, biking, birding and exploring nature; and 
  • Enhance surface water quality and provide additional management of stormwater in the Upper Mill Creek Watershed.

Prairie Green Preserve will also provide other benefits to the community. These benefits include the removal of nutrient and sediment runoff by converting row crops to restored natural prairie, protection of groundwater in aquifers beneath the site, restoration of lost wildlife habitat, and creation of a site where the public can learn about the local natural environment.

Current Work

Community Garden Plots

Hiking and Biking Trail

Wetland Mitigation Bank

Prairie Seeding and Maintenance

Tenant Farming


Land Assemblage

1995-1997: Mill Creek Watershed Preserve

1997-1998: Prairie Green Restoration Project

1999-2000: Prairie Green Preserve Watershed Management Demonstration Project

2001-Present: Prairie Green Preserve
David DeGroot
David DeGroot

Director of Community Development

22 S. First St
Geneva, IL 60134

Ph: 630-232-0814
Fx: 630-232-1494