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Warren Bullock, Charles Christensen (Asst. Marshal), Gale Herrington, W.A. Howell, Frank Huntley, Sherman E. Huntley (Fire Marshal), Claus Johnson, Gust Miller, Oscar Nelson, Gust Schulz (Capt. Hook and Ladder), Fred Smith, Ed Smith, George Stebbins (Fire Marshal) Frank Updike

John Berrie

John Anderson, Frank Anderson (Asst. Marshal) Albert Anderson (Fire Marshal) Charles Bullock, John Bullock, H.W. Carlisle, Ed Ecklund, Jas. Entinger, James Glines (Hose Co.), Claus Gustavson, Nels Hausen, William Hoyt, Carl Johnson, Oscar Johnson, Gust Johnson, Jacques Laccdeso, Sam Lance, Jas. Landers, Nels Miller, William Simpson, John Skoglund, Louie Smith, Charles Wagner

C. Beesley, Thomas Clancy, Ernest Gould, William Porter, Gus Soderstrom, Thomas Wheeler (Fire Marshal), Clarence Wright

G. H. Anderson, William Lawson, Willie Rylan