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Geneva/St. Charles Boundary Agreement

On July 6, 1995, the Cities of St. Charles and Geneva entered into a boundary agreement pursuant to applicable provisions of the Illinois Municipal Code.

As set forth in the agreement, it expires on July 6, 2015. Staff members from both municipalities met this past August to discuss formal extension of the agreement before it expires. Both staffs indicated neither municipality has a desire or need to change the boundary agreed upon in 1995.

Therefore, the proposed agreement is unchanged from the prior agreement. Its key provisions are that neither city shall act to annex, or exercise zoning or subdivision control authority over the territory on the other side of the boundary line. Both municipalities also agree to cooperate on provision of water and sanitary sewer services, and to allow either city to receive reimbursement for road, traffic signal, or traffic-related costs incurred along the boundary line from benefited property owners regardless of which side of the line their property is located.

Both city councils are anticipated to act on the renewal of the boundary agreement on Feb. 2, 2014. The proposed agreement is available for review below. 

Proposed Geneva/St. Charles Boundary Agreement