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Business Permits & Licensing
A-Frame Sign Permit
An A-Frame Sign Permit is required annually prior to displaying an A-Frame sign. Licenses are renewed with each city calendar year, which begins May 1. 

Building Permits and Occupancy
Businesses must however hold a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) from the Building Division. A CO is granted after final inspection as part of the normal building permit process. If you are moving into a building but not doing any major work your CO will be granted after you obtain a Change of Tenant permit (COT). 

Information on City Permits is found 
here. All businesses operating in the city should register with the Economic Development Department and provide emergency contacts to the Police and Fire Departments. 

Building & Zoning Codes & Documents
For a list of Current Adopted Building Codes and information about zoning visit the Codes & Documents page of the Building & Zoning Department.

Business and Liquor Licenses
Only certain types of businesses are licensed in Geneva; regulations can be found under Title 4 of the Geneva City Code. Business and liquor license applications can be downloaded here and submitted in person with the required attachments to the City Administrator's Office. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. If you have questions regarding the business and liquor license requirements, please contact Jeanne Fornari at 630-938-4544. Liquor license applications can be found here.

While only certain types of businesses are licensed, as noted above, ALL businesses must have a Certificate of Occupancy to operate in the City and ALL businesses operating in the city should register with the Economic Development Department and provide emergency contacts to the Police and Fire Departments. 

Historic Preservation
If you are thinking of rehabbing a historic building, please visit our Historic Preservation, Property Rehabilitation Information page for useful resources. 

Sign Permit Information

The city revised the sign code in 2012 allowing for new sign types. A Sign Permit is required prior to installing or replacing a business sign. Signage for properties within the historic district will be reviewed by the city's historic preservation planner; administrative review is allowed for buildings with an approved sign package. 

Standards for Lighting of Public Right-of-Way
The City often receives request from businesses to place lighting on trees within the public right-of-way. Please note that no cords can be hung over or across the sidewalk as this would create a safety hazard on City-owned property.