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Prescription Drug Disposal Program
The Geneva Police Department is proud to offer a Prescription Drug Disposal Program.The program is designed to promote the importance of safe drug utilization while educating the public about the use of medications in order to decrease the risk of drug catastrophes. It is further designed to give residents of the City of Geneva a safe, secure, and environmentally friendly way to dispose of unwanted, unneeded or unsecured prescription medications.
Medications left unsecured in the home can lead to medication misuse, resulting in serious health consequences for adults and children. Geneva residents wishing to dispose of unwanted prescription medication simply need to bring it to the lobby of the Police Department. We will not accept used/unused needles, medication from businesses, pharmacies, nursing homes, or medical offices. Our program guidelines provide a comprehensive list of what items will be accepted.

The Geneva Police Department would like to thank all the contributors from throughout the City for making this program possible. Julie Pouilly, Geneva Coalition for Youth; John Carlson, Carlson Tools; W. Richard Hoster, Smith & Richardson Inc., Bob Black, Black’s Auto Rebuilders and Delnor Community Hospital. Without their dedication and contributions this program would not have been possible. 

For further information, take a look at our Frequently asked Questions regarding this program or contact Sgt. Eli Rivera at 630-232-4736.