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Water & Sewer Rates
There are many factors that determine the rate structure for the City.

In 2011, Mayor Burns appointed a Task Force to review the current rate structure. Mayor Burns stated "The purpose of this Task Force is to provide an impartial review of the City's water and wastewater operations, our ability to provide quality water and wastewater services to our homeowners and businesses and how best to meet the demands of regulations, supply and demand in the years to come. The recommendations reached will be considered by the City Council in the context of the fiscal year 2012-13 budget process."

The Task Force, made up of Alderman and residents, reviewed operating expenses, capital expenses, debt service and revenues. The Task Force discussed the current rate structure and problems associated with relying too much on consumption to manage the water and sewer funds.

The recommendation by the Task Force was to complete a full Water and Sewer Rate Study focusing on long term revenue stability, infrastructure replacement and rate structure options. Municipal & Financial Services Group was hired by the City and the Water and Sanitary Sewer Rate Study Report was completed in June 2012.

The City of Geneva City Council approved the report and approved the recommended three-year rate increase through the 2014-15 fiscal year.

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