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Application Review Procedures
Plan Commission Review Process

Development Staff Review 

The goal for the Planning Division is to completely process Plan Commission applications in 8 to 12 weeks. Once a complete application is submitted it is routed to the City’s Development Staff for review.

The Development Staff is a 14-member team representing the City’s Community Development, Economic Development, Administrative Services, Public Works, Fire, and Police departments. A single review letter incorporating all of staff’s comments is forwarded to the applicant about four weeks after the original submittal.

If revisions are requested, the applicant should respond to staff’s comments and submit revised plans within 10 days in order to remain within the 8- to 12-week time frame. If additional revisions are required, the applicant submittal and staff review process will continue until the documents are deemed sufficient for Plan Commission consideration. Once the application documents are in order, the request is forwarded to the Plan Commission for consideration. 

Recommendation by the Plan Commission 

The Plan Commission is a recommending body to the City Council. If a public hearing is not required, the Plan Commission will make a recommendation at the initial meeting. If a public hearing is required, the Plan Commission will then hold a second meeting, two weeks from the hearing date, at which the Commissioners will make findings of fact on each of the applicable standards, if any, and vote to recommend approval or denial of the request. If deemed necessary, the Plan Commission may also recommend conditions of approval for certain requests. 

Steps after the Plan Commission 

After a recommendation is made by the Plan Commission on a particular request, it is then forwarded to the Committee of the Whole for further review and consideration. The Committee of the Whole includes the Mayor and all 10 City Council members. The Committee of the Whole will also make a recommendation to approve or deny the request, which will ultimately be decided by the City Council at the next available meeting.