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The following presentations were made by City staff to the City Council or community groups in Geneva.





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Special Service Area No 1 Debt Refunding Administrative Services  Dec. 21, 2015  City Council
Water & Sewer Rate Study  Public Works  Nov. 9, 2015  Committee of the Whole
Senior Care Program Police Department  Nov. 9, 2015  Committee of the Whole
Tax Increment Financing Economic Development  Sept. 21, 2015 City Council
Long-Range Planning Community Development  Sept. 8, 2015  City Council
Business District Overview Economic Development Aug. 24, 2015  Committee of the Whole
Waste Water Treatment Plant  Public Works July 20, 2015  City Council
Fire Department Strategic Plan Update  Fire Department  June 22, 2015  N/A 
City's Annual Report City Administrator's Office  June 15, 2015  City Council
Randall Road Signalization Project Kane County   March 23, 2015  Committee of the Whole 
2015-16 Budget Presentation City Administrator's Office  March 9, 2015 Committee of the Whole
 Coyote Sighting Tracking Update Police Department Jan. 20, 2015 City Council
Strategic Planning Workshop Summary City Administrator's Office  Dec. 15, 2014  City Council
Internet Safety  Police Department  Nov. 17, 2014  City Council
Economic Incentive Policy  Economic Development Oct. 28, 2014 Committee of the Whole
East State Street TIF: Historical Report Economic Development  Oct. 28, 2014 Committee of the Whole
Historic Preservation Commissioner Training Community Development  Sept. 16, 2014  N/A
Business Recruitment Program Economic Development  Aug. 18, 2014  City Council
Historic Preservation Community Development  July 21, 2014  City Council