Welcome Signs

Residents and visitors driving into Geneva are greeted with new welcome signage at some of the City’s major gateway points.

The new welcome signs will either be replacing older versions or be installed in locations where signs had previously existed but had been removed due to damage. The City plans on adding more signage in the future as funding becomes available. Installation is not expected to impact traffic or sidewalk access.

Latest Installation - 2017Welcome Signs

Primary Arterial Signs

  • State Street (Route 38) and Bricher Road
  • Fabyan Parkway and Kaneville Road

Secondary Signs

  • First Street (Route 31) and Wheeler Park
  • Bennett (Route 25) and Division streets

Design Details

The primary signage (rendering above) features the words “Geneva” and “Est. 1835” engraved into an 8-foot by 5.5-foot limestone slab that sits on top of a concrete base with brick veneer. The back portion of the monument signs showcases an arched 10-foot corten steel piece showcasing the City’s logo. New or existing trees are being incorporated to serve as a backdrop along with additional landscaping.

The secondary signage is a smaller version of the main monument.

The signs were designed by Lannert Group of Geneva with guidance and overview of a design committee consisting of aldermen and City staff. The committee established natural materials would set the tone for the signs, which would be grounded in Geneva’s history. Brick is the most popular material in Geneva’s historic buildings, limestone is the element that forms the Fox River bank and identified the valley, and steel references the City’s historic past as a manufacturing and job creation community.

In keeping with the design committee’s goal, the corten steel piece was built by Horn Steel of Geneva. Horn Steel, also known as Wm Horn Structural Steel Co., is one of the City’s oldest businesses established in 1896. Horn Steel provided outstanding expertise to help the City create the sign’s vertical feature with the Geneva logo. The corten steel will age in place with a rust patina that will provide a dark, textured finish within two years.

More Information

Call the Geneva Public Works Department at 630-232-1501 for questions about sign installation. For more information about the design, call our Economic Development Department at 630-232-7449.