Downtown Zoning Update

Welcome to the Downtown Zoning Update project page, where you will find information and documents related to this project. 

Following the adoption of the Downtown Station-Area Master Plan in 2012, the City began the process of preparing zoning ordinance adjustments – known as the Downtown Zoning Update – to implement the plan. The project’s goal is to review current zoning regulations and adopt zoning amendments that match up with the master plan’s recommendations.

The Downtown Zoning Update began in 2013 with help from consulting firm Teska Associates, Inc., but the project was delayed due to funding issues. The City Council approved additional consulting assistance in 2017 to move the Downtown Zoning Update forward.

While the draft zoning amendments are wide-ranging, the core project objectives were to provide consistency between the downtown master plan and the City’s zoning ordinance, remove barriers to investment and development, and to streamline the review process without compromising quality.

Community Workshops & Review

City staff held a series of public community workshops with downtown property owners, business owners and residents in January and February to give an overview of the Downtown Zoning Update and answer questions.

Following the community workshops, the Historic Preservation Commission reviewed the proposed amendments in the Downtown Zoning Update March 7. The Plan Commission's public hearing began March 28.

People can view the presentations and watch the community workshops or advisory board meetings on the City's website.

Summary of Public Hearings

The Plan Commission conducted a public hearing where all interested parties had an opportunity to present testimony about the proposed changes. The City mailed letters to impacted downtown property owners about the workshops and public hearing. The public hearing was closed May 23. The City Council approved the Zoning Update Aug. 5. The changes are set to go into effect Sunday, Sept. 1. 

The draft changes to the zoning ordinance and zoning map are available under the "Related Documents" section below. The zoning documents are also available for public inspection from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday at Geneva City Hall, 22 S. First St.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our Community Development Department staff.