Amnesty Program

People who have an outstanding balance on certain bills, fines or fees owed to the City of Geneva can take advantage of a one-time amnesty program during the month of July.

The program provides a 25 percent discount to settle their payment if the debt in the following categories listed below was incurred prior to March 1, 2018: 

  • Move out-final utility bill;
  • Parking tickets;
  • Code compliance violations; and 
  • False alarm fees. 

The City sent out letters in mid-June to eligible people and companies notifying them of the program.

The amnesty program is providing debtors one final chance to pay before the City seeks stronger enforcement. If payment is not received prior to Tuesday, July 31, 2018, the City may take further action by sending the debts to a collections agency or the Illinois Local Debt Recovery Program. Another option involves placing a lien on the property, which would not be applicable for those with unpaid parking tickets.

  1. Finance Division

    Physical Address
    15 S. First St.
    Geneva, IL 60134

    Phone: 630-232-0854
    Fax: 630-232-9321

Amnesty Q & A

Have questions about the Amnesty Program. Check out our fact sheet.