Economic Development Commission Chairman Bob Mann (right) shares his thoughts on Geneva's economic development efforts during a taping of "Officially Speaking," which aired in April 2016 on Geneva Broadcast Network.

The role of the City's Economic Development Commission (EDC) is to understand the needs of business so that their viewpoint can be taken into consideration as public policy is developed. An effective EDC is comprised of community leaders able to ascertain and distill opinions from business across a wide range of industries, and also willing to leverage their own resources to help the community achieve its long term economic vision.

The Commission is charged with providing recommendation to the City Council on business climate related policies. Commissioners must be willing to assist in identifying community issues and vision, and assist in economic development activities such as business retention and recruitment.
Commissioners hold staggered term limits with a maximum of two terms, and meet at least quarterly. Members represent a wide range of industry sectors and geographic locations within Geneva. A minimum four of the seven members will be Geneva residents; up to three may work in Geneva but reside elsewhere.

In selecting members for the Commission, consideration will be given to sectors including, but not limited to: banking, building trades, health care, industrial, retail, real estate and real estate development, tourism/hospitality, and workforce development/education.
Name Company Field Term
Tom Burgess Burgess Commercial Real Estate Real Estate 2013 to 2017
Lori Loehr U.S. Bank Banking 2015 to 2018
Brian Kay George Kay Landscaping Construction 2013 to 2017
Scott Lebin Lebin Financial Management Financial Management 2015 to 2018
Robert E. Mann Attorney Legal 2015 to 2018
Patrick Neary Wildwood Restaurant Hospitality 2014 to 2018
Dave Quillen Waubonsee Community College Workforce Development 2014 to 2018
Tim Lynch Meijer Retail 2014 to 2018
Cathy Charhut Mid-America Real Estate Retail 2013 to 2017

Agendas and Minutes

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