2018 Storm & Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Construction for the City's 2018 storm and sanitary sewer replacement project got underway Thursday, Oct. 11.

Patnick Construction crews will start with a storm sewer project on the west end of Euclid Avenue east of Route 25 (see map) and then progress near Stevens Street and River Lane (see map) for the sanitary sewer replacement.

The project is an emergency repair that became apparent this summer after the old infrastructure began to deteriorate. Installation of the 300-foot sections of sewer in both locations will require at least one week. Once the storm sewer is finished, curb replacement, repaving and parkway restoration will take place on Euclid Avenue.

The sanitary sewer replacement near Stevens Street will not impact the roadway, but the trench will need to be filled and repaired.

Residents will be able to enter their driveway in the evenings, but should expect slow moving construction equipment in the way during the day. Homeowners living along the last 400 feet of the north side of Euclid Avenue are advised to remove all landscaping (plantings or other materials) from the curb.

The deadline for the entire project is Friday, Nov. 2, weather permitting.