Census: Your Info Is Safe

Is My Information Safe?

Your census responses are safe and secure. The Census Bureau is required by law to protect any personal information it collects and keep it strictly confidential. The Census Bureau can only use your answers to produce statistics. In fact, every Census Bureau employee takes an oath to protect your personal information for life.

Your online responses are safe from hacking and other cyber threats. The Census Bureau takes strong precautions to keep online responses secure. All data submitted online is encrypted to protect personal privacy using a cybersecurity program that meets the highest and most recent standards for protecting personal information.

Accessibility: Everyone Counts

The Census is working hard to make sure that however you choose to respond that the Census is accessible. The online questionnaire will be compliant with the latest web accessibility guidelines and a video in American Sign Language will also be available. Individuals may also respond in English by TDD. Large print and braille guides will be available to the public.