Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Text Amendments

Electric Vehicle Charging

Welcome to the project page for City-initiated text amendments to Chapter 2 (Definitions), Chapter 3 (General Zoning Provisions), and Chapter 11 (Off-Street Parking and Loading; Traffic and Access Regulations) of Title 11 (Zoning) of the Geneva City Code related to the regulation of electric vehicle charging stations.

In 2022, the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus invited municipalities in the region to participate in the EV Readiness Program to prepare to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles and charging station infrastructure. The City of Geneva joined the first cohort of communities to receive technical assistance and training in a variety of areas as it works toward an “EV Ready Community" designation.

Part of the program requires communities to develop clear permitting for electric vehicle charging infrastructure and to analyze zoning and parking codes to address potential barriers. The City's zoning ordinance is silent on electric vehicle charging stations; however, they have been interpreted and permitted as an accessory use for both residential and commercial properties. While City staff did not identify specific barriers to electric vehicle infrastructure, it is recommended to amend the ordinance to clarify where charging stations are permitted and to establish some general design and maintenance standards.  

Public Hearing

The City's Planning and Zoning Commission conducted a public hearing Sept. 28 to consider the following text amendments:

  • Chapter 2 Section 11-2-2 (Definitions of Words and Terms) related to defining the terms “electric vehicle” and “electric vehicle charging stations;” 
  • Chapter 3 Section 11-3-3 (Accessory Buildings and Uses) related to the permitted locations of electric vehicle charging stations as attached or detached accessory structures; 
  • Chapter 11 Section 11-11A-2 (Location, Size and Other Requirements) related to the computation of required parking spaces when electric vehicle charging stations are provided; and 
  • Chapter 11 Section 11-11A-3 (Design and Maintenance) related to the design and maintenance of parking spaces with electric vehicle charging stations.  


Following the Sept. 28 public hearing, the City's Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the text amendments. The City Council approved the text amendments Oct. 16.
Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council meetings air live on Geneva Broadcast Network, which can be viewed on Comcast Ch. 10, AT&T U-Verse Ch. 99, MetroNet Ch. 93, or the City’s YouTube Channel. Previous meetings also are available to watch on YouTube.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Community Development Department staff.

Last Updated 

Oct. 17, 2023

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