Quick Reference Tools

Lot & Area Requirements Table

This table provides a summary of the lot and area requirements for properties in the office, commercial and industrial districts. The table lists the minimum requirements for lot size, lot width, building and parking setbacks. It also includes the maximum allowable floor area ratio (FAR), lot coverage and building height. As noted in the table, some of the listed districts may specify more detailed building or parking setback requirements.

Permitted & Special Uses Table

This table provides a list of all of the uses allowed in the City of Geneva and notes which district each use is permitted. In addition, the table indicates whether or not the use is allowed by right or by special use permit. The zoning districts are listed in the table by their one (1) to three (3) letter abbreviations. Permitted uses are noted with the letter “P” and special uses are noted with the letters “SU”. A space that is unmarked indicates that the use is not permitted in the corresponding zoning district.

Zoning Compatibility Worksheet

This document assists building permit applicants in determining whether a proposed new house or addition complies with the City of Geneva zoning ordinance. In order to complete this worksheet, you will need to consult the zoning ordinance. This worksheet is required to be completed and submitted with the building permit application for the following types of projects on property located within Residential Area 1:

  • New single-family houses.
  • Additions to existing single-family houses where the gross square footage of the completed house will be increased by 400 square feet or more. This includes garages, porches and accessory structures.