Delegation Visits

ICEC Artist
ICEC Artist 3

The ICEC has conducted several delegation visits since 2007. Genevans have had the opportunity to live with Croissy host families to exchange ideas, learn French and absorb cultural delights while visiting historic sites and Impressionist landscapes.

In 2019, four Tri-City artists participated in an international art competition sponsored by Croissy to celebrate Renoir’s 100th anniversary during the “Fête de la Carotte” in Croissy. Artists chose their painting sites along the banks of the Seine in the spirit of the Impressionist style. Croissy's mayor recognized our Geneva artists by presenting awards on the grounds of Château Chanorier.

The eighth Geneva Delegation to Croissy took place in 2023 with 10 participants. The Croissy representatives welcomed the ICEC at the ‘Mairie’ (Croissy Town Hall) followed by a dinner celebration at Le Café des Impressionistes.

One of the many highlights of this visit was a wine tasting paired with slides of Impressionist paintings showing various types of French people sipping wine (in restaurants, homes, "en plein air"). After the wine tasting, a short film about the history of the Croissy/Geneva relationship was presented to the ICEC. Our French counterparts document the story of how the two cities found each other to start a unique partnership dating back to 2006.

Intercultural Events In Geneva

The ICEC has welcomed French students to Geneva with Echanges Culturels Internationaux (ECI) since 2011. ECI students learn about the American education system and culture through our "Get to Know Geneva" summer experience. Students are hosted by local families, tour Geneva High School, visit Wheeler Park, and enjoy recreational and community events sponsored by Geneva friends and businesses.