Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The goals of the City are to economically treat the wastewater generated by the residents, industries, schools, businesses, churches, and other users within its boundaries; and to consistently produce a final effluent that surpasses stringent federal and state water quality standards which can be safely returned to the Fox River. The Geneva Wastewater Treatment Plant has consistently been able to remove more than 98% of the common pollutants in the raw wastewater that it receives.

The wastewater treatment plant is designed for the year 2035 as outlined in the phosphorus removal evaluation. The plant has a designed average flow of 5 million gallons per day (MGD) with the capacity of treating a peak flow of 12.5 MGD.

Stages of the treatment process include primary settling, activated sludge, final clarification, ultraviolet disinfection, excess flow treatment, sludge production, and handling facilities.

Biosolids/sludge produced during the treatment process is anaerobically digested to reduce both its volume and provide a reduction of pathogenic organisms. Final biosolids are then dewatered with centrifuges, and then applied on local area farm fields.

We receive many requests for tours of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Tours are tailored to the interest level of the groups, ranging from local youth groups to environmental professionals. Please call 630-232-4060 to schedule a tour. Children are welcome with adult supervision.