Annexation & Annexation Agreements

Annexation is the incorporation of contiguous land area into an existing municipality with a resulting change in the corporate boundaries. Although annexations can be accomplished in several different ways, the City of Geneva typically wishes to use voluntary annexation.

A property owner, or group of property owners, may petition to have property annexed to the City in accordance with Illinois law. Annexations are most commonly requested because a property owner desires to receive municipal services, such as a potable water supply, sanitary disposal of wastewater and solid refuse, public safety, emergency response, planning, development regulations, environmental protection, libraries, parks, economic development, etc.

The City, through powers granted to municipalities by the state, may also enter into an annexation agreement with the petitioner(s). These agreements allow both the City and the landowner(s) to determine the relationship between them and provide for the future development of the property before it is annexed.

Annexation agreements provide a means for the advanced planning and negotiation that is intended to result in a more logical development of the property without burdening existing citizens with undue costs. Unless otherwise requested by a zoning map amendment upon annexation, all land annexed to the City shall be designated RR, Rural single-family residential district.

Annexation & Annexation Agreements Application