Cross Connection Program

The City of Geneva has contracted with Aqua Backflow from Elgin to manage the City’s Cross Connection Control Program. The program is mandated by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). According to the IEPA, “the supplier of water for every municipal water system shall develop and implement a comprehensive cross connection control program for the elimination of all existing cross connections and prevention of all future cross connections.”
Plumbing cross connections, which are defined as an actual or potential connection between a potable (drinking water) and non-potable (not for consumption) water supply, constitute a serious public health hazard. This program is designed to protect the public water supply from potential contamination sources. Aqua Backflow responsibilities are to track the compliance and testing of backflow preventers and to track the licensing and certifications of backflow testers.
Aqua Backflow will notify our water customers that currently have a backflow preventer with an informational brochure included with their initial “test due” notification. Your cooperation by providing Aqua Backflow staff with backflow-related information is greatly appreciated. If you are not activating your irrigation system this year, please contact Aqua backflow and they will send you a letter to sign and return. This letter will be placed in your file with them. In order to protect our water distribution system, the City needs your assistance in submitting the attached cross connection control survey.
Any questions regarding the program should be directed to Aqua Backflow locally at 847-742-2296 or the City's Water Division at 630-232-1551.