Street Program

Road Construction
The City of Geneva's annual Street Improvement Program typically runs from late spring into fall. The Public Works Engineering Division regularly checks on street conditions to determine which roads are the most in need of repair. Projects also are coordinated with the Water Division for underground water/sewer infrastructure upgrades.

Crack Sealing
The intrusion of water into the stone base of a roadway accelerates the degradation of the asphalt/concrete pavement. The repetitive freezing and thawing of the water causes the pavement to break up and eventually a pothole forms. The crack sealing operation is intended to slow the water intrusion and prolong the life of the pavement. Ideally, the crack sealing operation should occur two to five years after a roadway is paved.

A typical crack sealing operation consists of a routing machine that is maneuvered to follow the existing crack, and this routing creates a uniform depth/width crack to accept the hot asphalt sealer material. The routed crack is blown out with compressed air to remove loose debris, and then the asphalt sealer is squeegeed into the routed crack to fill it. The asphalt sealer is allowed to cool until it hardens for traffic. Often the sealer is covered with sand or toilet paper to help prevent it being picked up by vehicles.

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Contact Information

This project is managed by C. Elton Orozco, Civil Engineer. Questions regarding the project can be directed to him at 630-232-1501 or via email.