Sewer Backup Information

If you are experiencing a sewer back up, the Water Division will come out to check our City lines. If our lines are clear and you are in need of a company to contact we have put the following data together.

Sewer Back-up/Rodding Companies Cleaning companies 

Zack Moga Sewer Services ( capable of televising)
Aurora, IL

Simply Sewer Cleaning
Batavia, IL
J.L. Wagner Plumbing (capable of televising)
St. Charles, IL

Thompson Plumbing (capable of televising)
Geneva, IL 630-232-2948 

Cleaning Companies

Cleaning Clean Masters
St. Charles, IL
630-393-3000 - 24 hour

Services Service Master
Batavia, IL
866-763-4778- 24 hour

St. Charles, IL


The companies listed above are known to the City of Geneva. This list does not claim to include all potential service providers of these types and research and investigation on your part are encouraged.

The City of Geneva makes no representation as to the skill, experience, qualifications or reputation of companies on this list. The City of Geneva shall, in no way be responsible for any losses or damages you may incur as the result of retaining any one from this list. Proper bonding and insurance certificated should be required prior to any person working at your home.