Government Transparency

The City of Geneva's mission is to conduct government business in an open and transparent manner for all of our community stakeholders. By providing this data on our website, residents can be better informed about the services and programs that are provided through local tax dollars.

1. Elected and Administrative Officials

2. Meeting Information

3. Illinois Freedom of Information Act

4. Budgets

5. Financial Audits

6. Expenditures

7. Employee Salary and Benefits

8. Contracts

9. Lobbying

The City is a member of the Metro West Council of Government, which may or may not lobby on issues on behalf of the City.

Metro West Council of Government
40W270 LaFox Road
Suite A
Campton Hills, IL 60175
Ph: 630-859-1331
Member Since: 2004
Membership Annual Fee: $7,523

JLD Consulting
220 N. Green St.
Chicago, IL 60607
Contract Approved: October 2023
Monthly Fee: Not to exceed $5,500

10. Taxes

11. Vendor Information Reporting

The Illinois legislature passed a law (public act 102-0265) requiring municipalities to post vendor information online.