Area Captain Information

Area A - Dorothy Flanagan Area C - Mary Kay Brown Area E - Roberta Edwards
Area B - Debbie Reitz Area D - Maureen Dixon Area F - Dana Teichart

Area Captains serve as a liaison with the individual gardens and the garden captains. You can view a list of areas and garden plots on the Committee's planting map.

Area Captains interact with garden captains primarily and help resolve any issues. These leaders are part of our main committee and attend meetings.

The Area Captains deliver the flowers to the individual gardens on all planting days before 8 a.m. They help load trucks with flowers on the Friday before planting day, get the instruction sheet ready with waste bags to be distributed to the areas on Saturday morning.

At times, gardens may be planted on another day. If that is the case, the adoptee will make arrangements with their Area Captain (keep flowers, when they will pick them up, etc.).

Area Captains should ensure gardens have been planted (or plan to be planted) on scheduled days, and call the garden captain if it has not been done. They also make sure the flowers are not left unattended at the garden.

Before the season begins, Area Captains should contact the adoptees of their area to see if they are interested in participating again.