An application before the ZBA will be considered completed and forwarded to the ZBA when all of the following has been submitted to the Building Division:

  • Five hard copies and one electronic copy in PDF format of the following documents, stapled together in separate packets:

    • A completed and signed copy of the application form.
    • A current, certified plat of survey showing existing conditions, buildings and proposed changes.
    • A letter of intent describing the variance(s) being requested and why.
    • Written evidence showing compliance with the Standards for Variation.
    • A completed and signed Affidavit of Accuracy form notarized by a Notary Public.
  • A list of property owners' names and addresses with respective parcel numbers within 500 feet of the subject site. This information can be obtained from the Kane County Supervisor of Assessments.
  • Two sets of self-adhesive envelopes properly addressed to the property owners within 500 feet of the subject site, with a current stamp (please do not run through a postage meter) and the return address to the City of Geneva, not the petitioner.
  • A filing fee of $250 for a single-family residential variance or $500 for a commercial, industrial or multi-family residential variance (made payable to the City of Geneva).
  • Provide a deposit fee of $400 (made payable to the City of Geneva). This fee is used to cover additional costs incurred from third-party services such as legal notice publication, meeting minutes and public hearing transcripts. The remainder of the deposit, if applicable, will be returned to the applicant upon completion of the ZBA hearing.