ZBA Process ChartA public hearing before the ZBA will be held 15 to 30 days after the publication of the legal notice. At the public hearing, any interested parties will have an opportunity to be heard.

After the public hearing, the ZBA can, by majority vote within 90 days, grant a variation. A variation by the ZBA will be issued as a resolution with written findings of fact addressing the four standards for variation and on any conditions in which the variation is granted.

Once the variation has been granted, a copy of the ZBA decision notice must be recorded with the Kane County Recorder of Deeds. The City of Geneva will not issue any building permit, certificate of occupancy, or any other development or construction approval without proof that the variation has been properly recorded.

An approval by the ZBA pertains only to the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance. All other ordinance requirements of the City, including subdivision regulations, building codes and (if applicable) Historic Preservation review, must be complied with as well, before building permits are issued and occupancy permitted.