Variation Types

The ZBA has the authority to allow variations from regulations in a zoning district in the following areas:

  1. To permit any setback less than a setback required by the applicable regulations
  2. To permit the use of a lot for a use otherwise prohibited solely because of the insufficient area or width of the lot or lots, but in no event shall the respective area and width of the lot be less than 80 percent of the required area and width
  3. To increase by not more than 20 percent the maximum gross floor area of any use so limited by the applicable regulations
  4. To reduce the applicable off-street parking or loading facilities required by not more than 20 percent
  5. To increase the maximum height requirement of any district
  6. To increase the maximum allowable height of any fence
  7. To vary the requirements of the Traffic and Access Regulations
  8. To increase the maximum lot coverage ratio
  9. To permit the use of a yard otherwise prohibited by the zoning ordinance