Mayor's Statement On Paris Terrorist Attacks

Flags.jpgThe Nov. 13, 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris hit close to home with our cultural exchange city Croissy-sur-Seine being located not far from the French capital. Our European friends had recently visited Geneva in September 2015.

Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns issued the following statement later that week:

"The citizens of Geneva, IL, USA stand with our friends in Croissy-sur-Seine, France with whom we have enjoyed and benefited from years of cultural exchanges, in the wake of unspeakable violence in Paris, France.

"Our mutual resolve to forge peaceful and positive relationships with people of different cultures shall not be diminished by the cowardice and extremism of a few.

"May the comfort of knowing that Geneva, Illinois, USA extends its heartfelt sympathies to the citizens of Croissy-sur-Seine, the citizens of Paris and all the French people, help heal the wounds that were caused on Friday, Nov. 13, 2015. Je suis Paris."

Croissy-sur Seine Mayor's response Dec. 4, 2015
(See the actual letter written in French)

Dear Kevin,

Dear Friends,

Your communication following the tragic events which took place in Paris a few weeks ago was both moving and reassuring.

We must remain strong and fearless in response to this tragedy and respond quickly to combat this challenge. It is also thanks to your show of support and friendship that will enable us to make this possible.

Both as Mayor of Croissy-sur-Seine as well as a French citizen, I am especially touched by your show of sympathy and all of us here are most appreciative of your kind thoughts and affection.

Croissy-sur-Seine has decided to maintain its program to celebrate Christmas in the traditional manner. We are therefore putting up our Christmas lights and holding our Christmas Fair to show and affirm our strength and values, which we both share.

I send you my deepest and warmest thanks for your message of support.

Wishing you the best for the festive season and the New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Jean-Roger Davin
Mayor, Croissy-sur-Seine