Donated Art

The following artworks have been generously donated for sale to benefit the Geneva Cultural Arts Commission. All of the proceeds from the sale of the artworks will go towards funding diverse artistic programs throughout the year. If you are interested in acquiring one of these pieces please call 630-938-4530 or email

Cello 1  Cello 2

Ode to Cello

By Stringworks & Lorraine Ochsner

Painted Cello w/ Display Stand
Value $1,350, Asking $945

Ode to Cello is an incredible feat of artistry, rich with inspiration and meaning. Among beautifully executed portraits of Yo-Yo Ma, Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven and Casals, the piece is filled with images seeped in related meaning. From a petunia to branches depicting the four seasons, answers to all questions that careful observation will prompt can be found in the artist’s extensive guide and key that accompanies the piece. Viewers will be drawn to the cello for its dramatic sculptural artistry and further enchanted as they discover the many stories that the artist has depicted. This piece carries viewers beyond visual pleasure to intellectual stimulation and the delight of a beautifully executed story. Ode to Cello promises to be the most unique piece in a finely honed art collection and will grace its owner with the added pleasure of sharing an inspired story for years to come. Ode to Cello is on display at StringWorks in Geneva.

Angel Study
Angel Study

By Larry Johnson

Cast Bronze
14” x 27.5”, Value $3,200, Asking $2,400

Larry’s works provide abstract glimpses into evidences of life on many levels including organic lyrical forms symbolic of movement and wing-like, angelic images. He works within a panel format modeling clay and drawing, as if to create a painting in relief. The pieces are later molded and cast into bronze. Not only alluding to figurative elements, his forms reflect insight into elements of life and spiritual vitality. Larry also sculpts portraits and figurative works upon commission or request. Angel Study is on display at Gallery 28 in Geneva.