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Geneva owns and operates its own electric utility, and we take great pride in providing reliable electric service to our residents and businesses. However, like all utilities, we are susceptible to outages caused by bad weather, animals, equipment issues and more.

This blog is designed to provide updates on what caused outages after service has been restored. Large-scale power outage updates will be posted in real-time on the City's Alert Center on the our website homepage. Customers can subscribe to receive these updates via Notify Me.

People looking to report outages to the City should call the Public Works Electric Division at 630-2321503 during normal business hours and the Police Department at 630-232-4736 after-hours, weekends and holidays. The City's online request tracker system and social media accounts are not monitored 24 hours a day.

Feb 22

[ARCHIVED] Public Works & City Administrator's Office - February Snow Response & Communications

The original item was published from February 12, 2019 12:04 PM to February 29, 2020 12:00 AM

The following comments were posted by Geneva residents on the City's Facebook page after the Public Works Department worked to remove snow and ice in February 2019.

I appreciate all the extra time spent out in the frigid weather this year! It has either been snowing or freezing, and you kept up with it!!!
Denise - Feb. 14

Seriously the best - yet another reason we are so glad we moved to Geneva!
Katie - Feb. 14

Thanks so much!! We dropped off treats for (Public Works) this week to thank them.
Amy - Feb. 14

Thank you for your hard work and long hours. We appreciate you keeping us safe.
Maria - Feb. 14

You are wonderful! Thank you!
Cherie - Feb. 14

Happy Valentine's Day, and thank you for all you do.
Kathi - Feb. 14

Thank you for the hours you spend keeping us safe but away from your family.
Sue - Feb. 14

Thank you for even cleaning the dead end roads so quickly.
Dave & Donna - Feb. 14

We appreciate all you do to keep us safe!
Julie - Feb. 14

Thanks for all the extra effort and work this difficult winter!
Mary - Feb. 14

I think they did a very solid job with all of these challenging weather events!!!! Kudos!!!!
Tim - Feb. 14

Thank you Geneva Public Works Department!!
Alderman Jeanne McGowan - Feb. 14

They do a great job on Manchester (Course)!
Ben - Feb. 14

Congrats (on the Snowfighting Award) and thank you for all your work!!!
Courtney - Feb. 14

You guys are the BEST!! Thank you!
Debbie - Feb. 14

Thank you for all your hard work!!! Much appreciated!!!
Melanie - Feb. 14

Thanks for keeping our roads safe!
Scott - Feb. 14

Keep up the good work!
Bob - Feb. 14

Thanks for your hard work!
Sharon - Feb. 14

Great job!
Monica - Feb. 14

Excellent job!
Joyce - Feb. 14

Thank you! Geneva always has the cleanest and safest roads.
Christina - Feb. 14

Congratulations (on winning the Snowfighting Award)! You are very much appreciated and always do a great job!
Mary - Feb. 14

You guys rock!
Paula - Feb. 14

Kudos!!! Roads were significantly better than I expected (following an ice storm)! Great job Geneva!

Your social media people rock!!
Alexis - Feb. 5 & 12

Tree down across Third Street. I called and 38 minutes later, City crews had it off the street. What an amazing service. Thanks Geneva.
Laura - Feb. 12

Well done indeed (with the ice storm). Roads were fine this AM.
Jan - Feb. 12