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Geneva owns and operates its own electric utility, and we take great pride in providing reliable electric service to our residents and businesses. However, like all utilities, we are susceptible to outages caused by bad weather, animals, equipment issues and more. This blog is designed to provide updates on what caused outages after service has been restored. Large-scale incidents will be posted in real-time on the City's Alert Center on the our website homepage. Customers can subscribe to receive these updates via Notify Me.

People looking to report outages to the City should call the Public Works Electric Division at 630-2321503 during normal business hours and the Police Department at 630-232-4736 after-hours, weekends and holidays. The City's online request tracker system and social media accounts are not monitored 24 hours a day.

Jul 28

[ARCHIVED] Pedestrian Safety

The original item was published from July 28, 2017 2:55 PM to August 1, 2018 12:25 AM

The City of Geneva enjoys many amenities that make it a great place to live and as well as a destination community for visitors every day.

The Geneva Police Department wants to assure those living, working, visiting or just driving through the City to keep pedestrian safety in mind. Geneva is an extremely safe and walkable community. Each day, pedestrians walk in their neighborhoods and the many shopping districts areas within the City.

Unfortunately, this can occasionally lead to accidents. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the laws that apply to pedestrians and vehicles and why both parties are responsible for traffic safety.

Pedestrians Using Crosswalks:

  • Cars need to stop for people using or about to use a crosswalk.
  • At the same time, pedestrians should not walk or run out in front of a moving car.
  • If a car is stopped for pedestrian, do not pass the stopped vehicle.
  • Let people cross safely when drivers see stop signs or flashing red lights.

Not Using a Crosswalk? The Rules Are Different:

  • People crossing the street need to yield to all traffic.
  • Use pedestrian tunnels or overhead bridges when provided.
  • See a crosswalk at the nearby intersection? That’s a safer choice.
  • Crossing a street diagonally is not allowed.
  • Pedestrians with disabilities may cross on the street if the intersection is not accessible. But please note, wait for cars to pass first.

Thank you for your assistance in assuring for the safety of those walking and driving in our community.

Police Chief Eric Passarelli
Eric Passarelli
Geneva Police Chief