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In today's digital age, public-sector employees are frequent targets for criticism.

Although compliments are rare, we do see more than most due to the quality of the workforce at the City of Geneva. Sometimes our work is very visible with our police, fire and public works employees out in the community. But many times, it is the behind-the-scenes efforts from our City staff that also deserves recognition.

Check out some of the recent feedback we have received from the community for a job well done.

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Apr 20

Public Works Responds To A Power Outage

Posted on April 20, 2023 at 2:49 PM by Kevin Stahr

The Geneva Public Works Department received kudos from several residents via Facebook for their quick response to an April 19 power outage that impacted 426 customers in the downtown, South Street, Southampton Drive, and the Pepper Valley subdivision.

Elisa B.

Thank you for the response and restoration. Your Western Avenue Burgess Norton Team appreciates you.

Stacey K.

Appreciate the hard work to get it back on as quick as possible.

Kathy S.

It was an exciting evening with my three grandkids. We used it as an emergency drill! It was kind of fun! Thank you for your hard work and keeping us safe.

Nicole M.

Thank you City of Geneva! This teacher had work to do.

Gus A.

Always awesome work.

If you have positive feedback you would like to share regarding an experience you had with any of our City departments, we would love to hear it. Just send us an email.