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Promoting community safety is always our number one goal, and nobody does it better than the Geneva Police and Fire departments. While fighting crime and putting out fires is important, community education is another key component to making sure our residents have a "safety-first" mentality.

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May 22

Residents Can Do Their Part To Help Make Geneva Safe

Posted on May 22, 2023 at 3:10 PM by Kevin Stahr


The Geneva Police Department has received a number of speeding complaints, especially within residential areas of our community. I wanted to provide a few quick reminders to keep our streets safe:

  • The posted speed limit in nearly all residential areas within Geneva is 25 mph;
  • Pedestrian traffic increases significantly with the warmer weather; 
  • Numerous special events are held within the City that lead to increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic; 
  • Do not use your phone unless it is hands-free; and
  • Be considerate of your neighbors and of those neighborhoods that you drive through.

Excessive speed and distracted driving are two of the leading causes of traffic crashes. Please join us by engaging in safe driving habits to assure summer is as safe as it can be for our residents and visitors.

Car and Bike Safety

Geneva is a very safe community. However, the arrival of warmer weather brings about an increase in crimes of opportunity, specifically burglary to motor vehicle incidents and thefts of bicycles. A few suggestions to partner with us to possibly prevent these crimes include:

  • Lock your vehicle;
  • Do not leave valuables visible in your car, including garage door openers;
  • Park in well-lit driveways;
  • Consider the use of motion-detecting outdoor lighting;
  • Do not leave unlocked bicycles unattended;
  • Use a strong lock when securing your bicycle;
  • Know your bicycle serial number; and
  • If you notice suspicious activity in your neighborhood, please call 911. An officer will respond and determine whether there may be any criminal activity occurring.

These simple steps can go a long way in preventing you from becoming the victim of a crime.

Police Chief Eric Passarelli

Eric Passarelli

Police Chief