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Geneva owns and operates its own electric utility, and we take great pride in providing reliable electric service to our residents and businesses. However, like all utilities, we are susceptible to outages caused by bad weather, animals, equipment issues and more. This blog is designed to provide updates on what caused outages after service has been restored. Large-scale incidents will be posted in real-time on the City's Alert Center on the our website homepage. Customers can subscribe to receive these updates via Notify Me.

People looking to report outages to the City should call the Public Works Electric Division at 630-2321503 during normal business hours and the Police Department at 630-232-4736 after-hours, weekends and holidays. The City's online request tracker system and social media accounts are not monitored 24 hours a day.

Jun 27

[ARCHIVED] Start Summer Off On The Right Foot With These Safety Tips

The original item was published from March 15, 2018 3:47 PM to May 1, 2019 12:05 AM

The kids are out of school, the pools are open, and special event season in Geneva is in full swing. With so much activity taking place in our outstanding community, it is a good time for a reminder regarding bicycle, pedestrian and summer safety.

When you are driving through Geneva, be aware of pedestrians using crosswalks. To simplify the law, which can be somewhat confusing, motorists are required to yield for pedestrians entering or in a crosswalk. Pedestrians should make every effort to assure motorists see them prior to stepping into a crosswalk since drivers need ample stopping distance.

Bicyclists are required to abide by many of the same traffic laws required for cars. They are obligated to obey stop signs and should utilize hand signals to indicate their turning movements. In addition, if a bicycle is utilized at night, it should have working front and rear lights along with reflectors.

Each summer we read about the tragic stories of children left inside hot vehicles. The National Safety Council advises that on average, 37 children die each year due to heat stroke caused by being left in a parked vehicle. We all live hectic lives and frequently operate on auto pilot. It is strongly encouraged that you “look before you lock” each time you leave your car.

It is not just children who can suffer a heat-related emergency if left in a vehicle. If you are bringing your dog with you while you run errands, eat, etc. keep in mind that a dog can overheat very quickly when left in a car. Even if windows are left slightly open, the heat inside a vehicle can rise rapidly. Some experts state with the windows down slightly in 70-degree weather, the temperature inside the car can be 104 degrees within 30 minutes and 113 degrees after an hour. This is too hot and will likely result in a serious health emergency or death for your dog.

The vast majority of us look forward to celebrating Independence Day. While fireworks are enjoyable, they are illegal in Illinois with the exception of sparklers and similar items. Fireworks should be left to the experts. Between June 23 and July 20 last year, there were 204 fireworks injuries, including one fatality. These injuries are preventable by following fireworks laws.

Nothing beats going to the swimming pool on a warm summer day. By following some simple safety guidelines, residents can reduce the risk of a tragic pool-related incident occurring. Never leave a child alone in or near the water and teach your children how to swim. For those that own a pool, make sure the proper barriers are installed to prevent access to the pool. Finally, learn CPR and know what to do in a water-related emergency.

We hope that you have a safe and enjoyable summer.

Police Chief Eric Passarelli
Eric Passarelli
Geneva Police Chief