Oak Hill
West Side
 799 Bennett St. 301 Stevens St.
 Interred: More than 5,400 Interred: More than 1,100
 Plots available: About 1,000 lots Plots Available: None remaining

Contact Us 

The City is asking the public to please call ahead for an appointment at 630-232-1502 or send an email for information

People looking for grave location or burial information can send an email to the City that should include your name, relationship and any birthday or date of death.

Office hours are 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our staff is available to schedule grave openings, grave purchases and answer questions. The City also offers a brochure with rate information along with rules and regulations.

Online Map

The City has compiled data from both Oak Hill and West Side cemeteries regarding burials, lot ownership and plot availability. After visiting the online map, users can search by last name to locate interments or zoom in to view particular sections and information.

Cemetery Cleanup

Please note, around April 1 and Nov. 1, Geneva’s Street Division will go through and clean up the cemeteries. People who have decorations or personal items placed at gravesites should remove them prior to these dates.