Beautification Committee

The Geneva Beautification Committee consists of organizations, businesses, families and individual volunteers that adopt and maintain planting beds, containers and flower boxes located in Geneva's Central Business District.

As you walk by these areas, you will see markers indicating the adoptees.

Our dedicated volunteers plant flowers but that is not all. They also clean, deadhead, weed and prune their areas during the growing season.

You too can help support Geneva's Beautification effort in one or more ways:

  • Adopt and maintain a planting bed.
  • Help with preparation, planting and clean-up of beds on designated group days.
  • Use your talents in areas, such as fundraising, promotion, taking photos and in the coordination of committee activities.
  • Donate supplies, plants and refreshments on group planting/clean-up days.
  • In addition, we accept donations throughout the year.

Planting Schedule

Volunteers can check out when the next downtown planting is scheduled to take place on the Beautification Committee's calendar.

Agendas & Minutes

Looking to get caught up on what is being discussed at the Beautification Committee? No problem. You can find meeting agendas and minutes in our Agenda Center.

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