Water Meter Q & A

Water Meter Replacement Program

Water Meter Replacement Program Questions and Answers

Q -       Why is the City of Geneva replacing all of the water meters?

A -       Most of the older water meters have been in service at least 10 years and have exceeded their expected life. The City is upgrading the system to Automated Meter Reading which will improve efficiency, which no longer requires employees to manually enter the reads.

Q -       My valve is leaking now that my water meter has been replaced? What do I do?

A -       Per city ordinance the City is only responsible for the water meter itself. The valves on either side of the water meter are part of the homeowners' plumbing and responsibility.

Q -       Does the new water meter transmit any personal information?

A -       No, the only information sent to the network is the current meter read associated with your water meter.

Q -      What is the difference between the new water meter and the old water meter?

A -       The old water meter has moving parts that turn and generate a pulse to an outside remote that must be manually read by City staff entering your property. The new water meters have no moving parts and can be read remotely.

Q -       How much will this cost me to replace my water meter?

A -       Nothing!  The City owns and maintains the water meters.

Q -      How much room will the Water Meter Technician need to replace the old meter?

A -       The Technician will need enough room for himself, his tools, and to be able to reach the valves on each side of the water meter.  He will also need to be able to place a dish pan underneath the meter to collect any water.