Solar Panel Installation

Solar Power Roof Panels

Geneva offers both interconnection and net metering for photovoltaic (PV) generation. Interconnection does not account for any energy “pushed” back to the grid. Net Metering allows credits for energy not used to be banked and applied to the account in the future.

How To Apply

The process to apply for and receive approval for interconnection or net metering is straightforward.

  • Apply for a building and electrical permit with the City's Building Division. The City also has provided a residential solar power permit checklist to facilitate the process.
  • Once the building permit is submitted, complete an “Interconnection and Net Metering” application with the Public Works Department Electric Division. Include the wiring schematics and “cut sheets” for the panels and inverter with the application.
  • The Electric Division will review the application then schedule a time for customer orientation. Customers can have their contractor attend either by phone or in person.
  • Once the system is built and passed inspection by the Building Division, contact the Electric Division to schedule the interconnection inspection.
  • After passing the Electric Division inspection, the system will be approved to operate the PV installation with the grid.