Tree Preservation

All Applications for Building Permits or Site Plan Review
Most tree loss occurs from root damage during construction. To prevent root damage from occurring, a tree preservation plan is required with any application for a building permit or site plan review where the proposed building or development is in the vicinity of mature trees. This includes filing an application with the Building Department and having the site reviewed by Geneva's certified arborist.

As a part of this process property owners select which trees are to be removed, relocated or protected. Standard tree protection measures must be put in place for large, high-quality species trees located in the construction/preservation zone prior to the start of construction.

Lots Equal to or Greater Than 1.5 Acres
Due to the "potential" for construction and development on lots of this size, these property owners are required to complete a Tree Removal Permit Review prior to taking out large trees, regardless if there are plans to develop/build or not. This process, which includes a site review by Geneva's certified arborist, ensures that a well-informed decision is made prior to tree removal.

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