Streets & Fleet

Public Works Dump Truck Snow PlowResponsibilities

Geneva’s Street and Fleet Division is responsible for the planning and delivery of maintenance services and programs including streets, sidewalks and alleys; public and commuter parking lots; signs and pavement markings; streetscape; cemetery; urban forestry; and community festival support. The division also provides residents with information about tree maintenance and watering.
In addition, the Street and Fleet Division is responsible for managing fleet services associated with the maintenance of the entire city-owned fleet of 175 vehicles and equipment. This is accomplished by utilizing a modern computer-based system emphasizing preventive care and comprehensive cost controls.

Services Provided

Some of the more noteworthy services managed by this division are: 

  • Brush and leaf collection program
  • Pothole filling/pavement repairs 
  • Snow and ice control services 
  • Street cleaning 
  • Parkway tree planting, pruning, and removal

Safe and Sustainable Snowfighting Award

The Division has been honored by the receipt of the Salt Institute’s “Safe and Sustainable Snowfighting” Award, which recognizes public snow and ice control programs for the establishment and implementation of policies, procedures, and facilities that support superior environmental management of de-icing materials.