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Cancel Grandfathered AutoPay Account

  1. Transition to New Auto-Pay

    Starting Aug. 14, 2023, the City of Geneva has implemented new payment options in our utility billing portal that offer automatic payments. Any customer who is set up on autopay before this change is grandfathered in our internal bank-draft autopay system.

    Any customer who is grandfathered in our internal system will need to contact the City's Finance Department by filling out this form to unenroll in the grandfather autopay system before signing up for the new autopay system. Customers are required to list all applicable utility account numbers they wish to cancel autopay.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Finance Department at 630-232-0854 during normal business hours or email

  2. ie. Utility Account Holder, Spouse, Job Title

  3. Cancel Date*

    Please select an option on when to cancel the grandfathered auto-pay on file.

    Immediately - Cancel autopay as soon as possible. I acknowledge that any current balance due will need to pay manually. I understand that I am providing a minimum of 5 day prior to a scheduled due date of this cancelation.

    After Current Bill Due Date - Cancel autopay after the current bill due date. I acknowledge that the current autopay on file will continue until the current bill due date.

  4. Terms of Agreement*

    By checking this checkbox, I agree and understand that I am providing written consent to terminate the current automatic payment on file for the utility account(s) listed above within a minimum of 5 days notice prior to a scheduled due date.

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