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1. Who is my electric utility provider?
2. Who do I call about a problem with my electric service?
3. I am new to the area. How do I apply for electric service?
4. I am moving. How do I discontinue my electric service?
5. Who can answer a question about my utility bill?
6. Who do I call to report a power outage, dim or flickering lights?
7. Who do I call to report a problem with a street light out or turning on and off?
8. Does the City of Geneva offer energy incentives or rebates?
9. What do I do about solicitations to switch energy providers?
10. Who do I call to report a problem with a traffic signal?
11. Do I need to inform anyone when I want to do a landscape project that requires digging?
12. I live in Mill Creek. Who do I contact regarding electric service?