Snow Parking

Is there a ban on parking on the streets during a snowstorm? 

Yes! After 2 inches of snow has fallen, parking is prohibited on designated snow routes. These streets typically are main thoroughfares throughout the City and are posted with signage to indicate the designation. 

When snowfall reaches 3 inches, the City's parking ban is in effect for all streets. This ban remains in effect until 12 hours after the snowfall or if the street is cleared of snow and ice for the length of an entire block.

Vehicles parked in violation of either of these bans will be ticketed and may be towed at the owner's expense.

The Public Works Department can declare a parking ban, which is then enforced by the Police Department, during such times as snow removal is necessary to promote the public safety and welfare of the community. During a snowstorm, the City posts community alerts on its website regarding parking and plowing operations. People can subscribe to receive alerts via "Notify Me."