Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force

Diversity Task Force No LogoThrough the development of the City's 2025 Strategic Plan and in subsequent goal-setting meetings, the City of Geneva affirmed its commitment to ensuring our community is one that is open, inclusive, and welcoming to all individuals regardless of age, gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, religion or abilities. In an effort to advance this vision and amplify the voice of diverse communities within Geneva, the City Council established a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force in 2021.

The City Council approved the task force appointments June 7 as recommended by the City's Strategic Plan Advisory Committee (SPAC). Individuals selected to serve will meet on a regular basis and work in partnership with the SPAC to make lasting and positive changes in Geneva.

The task force will work to develop a strategy to help the City build stronger relationships with diverse communities. Through engagement and listening, the task force will identify issues and any barriers that may prevent friends or neighbors from fully participating in civic life. Acting as a community voice, the task force will prepare and present a report detailing recommended actions the City may take to help ensure Geneva is welcoming to all.

The task force will convene for its first meeting this summer after members have had an opportunity to meet with SPAC.

The task force will present its findings to the community and City Council in 2023. This however will not be the culmination of its work, as the City anticipates the task force to remain engaged with efforts to implement its recommendations.

Task Force Members

Ashley Nuzzo-Ericksen - Chair
Jeanine McMillen
Silva Gramlich - Vice Chair
Luis Amaya
Kendra Bickhem - Secretary
Denise Theobald
Krystle Ann Forst - Treasurer
Gregory Albert
Christine Kelly
Mera Johnson, City staff liaison