Snow Parking Regulations

A Citywide parking ban shall automatically go into effect on any posted “Snow Route" following an accumulation of snow and ice of 2 inches or more. Violations are subject to receiving a $35 parking ticket, as well as to having their vehicles towed.

Parking is prohibited on secondary streets at any time within 12 hours following a snowfall of 3 inches or more. Violators are subject to receiving a $30 parking ticket as well as to having their vehicles towed. Any street area that has become clear of snow and ice from curb-to-curb or edge of pavement to edge of pavement for the length of the entire block shall be excluded from this provision.

It is strongly recommended that when a winter storm enters the forecast, residents should remove their vehicles from the streets to avoid violating City parking restrictions.

Residents and contractors are prohibited clearing snow or ice from private property on or against a fire hydrant, or on any public sidewalk, public roadway, or loading or unloading areas of a public transportation system. Property owners should notify their snow removal contractors of this requirement and require compliance.